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HYT5D Electric Spring Mechanism

HYT5D Electric Spring Mechanism

The HYT5D operating mechanism can be used for 550kV GIS isolating switch, grounding switch as well as isolating switch, grounding switch and load switch which have the same required torque.

spring can achieve rapid operation with manual and electric functions

This mechanism is a spring machine with manual and electric operation functions.

The mechanism use the positive and negative turn functions of the motor by principle of spring symmetry so that the mechanism compression spring can achieve rapid operation. The output angle can be adjusted finely by oil buffer and magnetic blowout switch.

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Technical Parameters

Schematic Diagram

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Engineering Drawing

1.The output angle of this mechanism is ±60°(can be customized according to customer requirements less than 90°)

2.Force value of spring : 4800±100N (can be customized according to customer requirements)

3.Rated voltage switch time D≤8 S(including storage time)

4.CSK magnetic blow-out switch. The current that the contact can continue to pass is 10A for AC220V and 3A for DC220V.

5.F10 auxiliary switch. In general, there is a 12 opening and 12 closing auxiliary switches and a 10 opening and 10 closing auxiliary switches.(can be increased according to customer requirement)

6.The secondary connector is an imported industrial connector installed in mechanism without the  cover and base only with male connector and female connector (male female and female plug). Secondary industrial connector is available in 24, 46 and 64 needles.

7.Technical parameters of stored energy electrical machine


HDZ-25503 Type

Rated operational voltage

Ac/Dc 220V

Rated output of motor


Normal voltage range



1.Provide the introduction on product models and installations.

2.Provide requirements of primary structures (What does this mean), secondary data.

3.Provide shell paint color and thickness requirements.